Brandon Humes

Operations Manager

Brandon Humes

Brandon Humes has helped to manage over 3,000 real estate closings throughout his 20 years in the real estate industry. He is a Licensed Title Insurance Agent since 2006 and has a strong understanding and thorough knowledge of best practices of the title insurance industry. Brandon takes pride in promoting a high level of service and expertise for the clients of Dominion Title Company.

Brandon has worked with Dominion Title Company for over 15 years and has been involved in all aspects of the closing process and business. As the current Operations Manager, Brandon helps to provide leadership for the operation of the closing & title business. He is involved in helping to make strategic policy decisions, handling various closing tasks and contributing to the development and implementation of the company’s policies and procedures.

Brandon is a Florida native, and graduated from Stetson University with a BA degree in Business Management.

Brandon currently lives in the City of Orlando and enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and twin daughters.